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This page shows the vast selection of finishes that many of our planters are available in. Wherever BS4800 or RAL are mentioned then the planters are generally available in any of those colours.

Please be aware that the swatches below only give an approximate impression of their real life counterparts.

CSI AC Ranges (Integral Finish)

Standard Colours – Specially chosen to meet most requirements. Polished or Textured.

BS4800 & RAL

Polished Metallics – Real metallic pigments polished to a high shine.

Polished Stardust – Vibrant colour with a hint of silver sparkle

Textured Metallics – A satin, rippled finish for a softer look.

Polished Pearlescents – Deeper, almost 3D colours with a highly polished shine.

Natural – Incredible finishes unique to our factories.

CSI Lechuza

Lechuza - Finished in high-gloss, except for metallics

CSI Metal Look

Stamped Foil

CSI Metal Ranges


CSI Terracotta Range


CSI Wooden


Lune Range

Brushed Aluminium - with a lacquered finish that allows for the application of various colours.

Polished - A stunning high polish finish.

Standard - Brushed Stainless Steel, will last a lifetime.

PFC Banana Planters


PFC Brilliant & Flora

Additional Colours


High Shine

Matt Laquered

PFC Campana Doppio Bordo & Poly-Plus


PFC Elegant & Chique


PFC Metallic


PFC Parel & Top Series Plastic


Additional Colours

Special - Metallic effect, Kristal, hammered, or even the new Wooden discs and seeds!

PFC Parel Wooden

Wood - Solid wood, or veneer finishes.

PFC Poly-Series & Polystone

Fibreglass Ice


PFC Wooden


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